About Us

Gloria Lazo-BSN, RN

GloSkin Wellness & Aesthetics was founded with the busy and modern mom in mind by a dedicated wife, mother, and Registered Nurse. Her commitment to her family and patients shines through in her daily life, balancing household duties, childcare, and compassionate care for those in need. While supporting her sister through her battle with breast cancer and witnessing the unwavering dedication of nurses sparked a passion within her to pursue nursing as a career. Her perseverance and hard work culminated in earning her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, a significant achievement after a decade of dedication. Her innovative spirit led her to establish GloSkin Wellness and Aesthetics, where she extends her care and expertise beyond the hospital setting, focusing on enhancing overall health and well-being. Her vision to provide concierge services to the DFW area and its surroundings reflects her desire to offer personalized, high-quality care with divine guidance. Her goal is to reach others through compassion and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others.